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Garfield Elementary Recognizes Top Student Runners in Mileage Club

Garfield Elementary mileage club winners with PE teacher

Garfield Elementary Mileage Club participants who reached milestones during the school year were recognized at the school’s end-of-year awards assembly. Mileage Club is open to students who want to walk/run laps around an outdoor course during recess time; approximately five laps equal one mile. For the assembly, physical education teacher Mrs. Schultz wore a t-shirt with the number 11,353 on the front, representing the total number of laps ran by all Mileage Club students during the school year (this equates to over  2,270 miles!). One hundred twenty students were awarded certificates for completing at least 40 laps during the school year, and the top five students were awarded t-shirts showing the number of laps they ran. Pictured with Mrs. Schultz are these top five students who were recognized for their achievement: Daphney Graves, Tori Rangel, Delylah Graves, Reese Miller, and Keasia Edwards.