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West Students Inducted into AP Social Studies Wall of Fame

Campus photos of 11 students who earned 5's on AP social studies exams.

Recently, 73 West High students were enshrined in the West High School AP Social Studies Wall of Fame. The students achieved this honor by scoring a three or higher on an AP Government, AP US History, or AP Human Geography exam during the 2015-2016 school year. Eleven students, Max Abbott, Rebecca Casad, Connie Chu, Jacob Corman, Keenan Dolan, Pam Friede, Bailey Garnica, Kersten Kahley, Cassidy Kowley, Molly Kretschmer, and Jacen Petersen (pictured clockwise starting upper left) achieved the highest distinction by scoring a five. Since its inception in 2014, 165 West High students have been inducted into the Wall of Fame.