1702 N. Main St.
Davenport, IA

Outdoors/Agriculture Day at Blue Grass Elementary


On Friday May 20th, Blue Grass Elementary hosted its school-wide Outdoors/Agriculture Day, a fun and educational event where students learned about a variety of topics related to science, agriculture, the environment, history, and more.

Inside the school, guest educator Heather Ballou engaged students with a discussion on renewable energy, including wind and solar power and other “green” topics. Dr. Joyce Werning, a local veterinarian, brought several pets for students to interact with and showed pet X-rays to the group as she talked about her career. Blue Grass science teachers taught students a wealth of information about bees, including everything from bee basics to the life of a beekeeper. Other classroom activities involved learning about chickens and pigs, and even a segment about the history of popcorn. Outside, children enjoyed the petting zoo and interacted with other special guests. Rick Trahan, a local blacksmith, gave a demonstration to kids and taught them the history and science behind metal-working. Mr. Ewoldt brought a couple pieces of large farm equipment and talked about hay baling and other farm work. This was an amazing day at Blue Grass. Enjoy the photo gallery!