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Sudlow Students Participate in Kennedy Honor Choir

Laura Sitz, 7th grade student at Sudlow Intermediate, was recently selected by orchestra director Mr. Svennevig to participate in the Kennedy Honors Orchestra in Cedar Rapids and the Junior Honors Orchestra in Ames. “She has an excellent level of ability,” Mr. Svennevig said. “I thought she would enjoy the experience of playing with some of the top students from Eastern Iowa.” Sitz was honored to be selected, stating, “I was excited to participate in both orchestras. I like the big sounds and being in a big group, playing together.” Lily Chen, Sudlow 8th grader and fellow orchestra friend of Laura’s, also participated in the Kennedy Honors Orchestra. “I was excited and a little surprised to be selected,” Chen said. “It was fun and hard, but it was cool to work with a different conductor.” Both girls were able to takeaway something special from their experience. “I learned a lot of different techniques with the music,” Chen said. “The music was fun to play,” Sitz said. Mr. Svennevig added that he knows the students’ takeaway will continue to help them as they advance further in their orchestra careers. “I think they will achieve great things in orchestra,” he said. “I am proud to help them along their path of musicianship and achievement.”