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North and West High Artists Help Create MLK Mural

The art departments of North and West High Schools were part of a large community mural project that was unveiled this week at Saint Ambrose University. North High art teacher Dave Schaeffer was selected by QC United via a grant to organize a large scale portrait memorializing Martin Luther King, Jr. This was intended to pull different people across our community together to make one large work. Nine panels were created and the design was divided up to groups ranging from high school to college students and even professional artists. There are 54 small squares that have individual connection to diversity, civil rights, and the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. This work will be on display for the next year at Saint Ambrose in their Beehive until the new Martin Luther King Memorial Plaza is completed here in Davenport. Participating North students were Deven Skaff, Austin Robertson, Audrianna Knox, Cassidy Barker, Kristine Tran,   Alexis Mace, and Taylor Smith; participating West students were Mayli Grady and Brianna Hillyer. Nice work, artists!