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Register Now for Strong African American Families Program!

Davenport Schools, in collaboration with Scott Count Kids is pleased to announce the implementation of the Strong African American Families Program (SAAF) starting January 2015. The mission of the SAAF program is to advance the well-being of African American families by strengthening family relationships, parenting processes, and youth success. This family oriented program is designed to enhance parents/caregivers ability to find balance between firm parenting and showing love, enhance cultural pride, and help youth develop healthy goals for the future. In addition, youth will be taught strategies on how to resist temptation and peer-pressure related to risky behaviors.

SAAF is a research based program that has demonstrated positive outcomes for participants and their parents/caregivers.

Each SAAF session will be facilitated by African American staff members employed by Davenport Schools, and will include a full family meal, support for transportation and childcare, and a wide range of engaging, fun, and meaningful activities. There will be two sessions running from January 27th through March 10th with a maximum registration of 12 families per session.   Families must register to participate in the program and are asked to participate in all 7 sessions for the most benefit to their youth and family. For more information or to register for this program please go to Strong African American Families.