1606 Brady St.
Davenport, IA

Sudlow Campus Receives an Upgrade

The landscape at Sudlow has changed recently as eight new trees have been planted. There were a variety of species planted: red maple, sycamore, swamp white oak, red oak, and bald cypress. These were either replacement for previous trees or added to the landscape to improve its appearance.

This was the result of funds received from the blood drive Sudlow hosted last year. The blood drive quota was not only met, but exceeded, which meant Sudlow received a 3rd party check to be used on the school. The environmental club, consisting of eight students and overseen by Mrs. Drumm-Janoski, volunteered to plant these trees.

Another part of this experience was that these students were able to work with the arborist from the City of Davenport, Chris Johnson. He came prior to the planting day an explained locations and species of trees to plant, providing knowledge for the environmental club students and getting them excited for this task. After seven of the eight trees had been planted, the environmental club members were able to dig and plant the final tree on the south side of the building. Johnson assisted them along the way, providing helpful tips as they went.

Mrs. Drumm-Janoski was happy to have the environmental club students assisting with this project and the benefit the trees can have at Sudlow.  “By planting trees we are making a positive impact on our environment,” she said. “Trees give us shade, oxygen, and provide a home for animals.”

City arborist Chris Johnson assists students digging the hole for the eighth and final tree.