1606 Brady St.
Davenport, IA

Mid City High’s CSI Forensic Science Class

Last Thursday at Mid City High, Ms. Meyers and her CSI Science students took a mini field trip outside for a unique forensics activity.  Using a variety of techniques utilized by real-life forensic scientists, students worked with “blood” spatter samples to study high velocity, large volume, and cast off spatter. These samples will be used during future labs to determine angle of impact, point of origin, and type of spatter.  And the blood?  A super-secret recipe concocted by Ms. Meyers in the privacy of her own kitchen! (it’s just corn syrup, coffee, Hershey’s cocoa, corn starch and food coloring). Students Vince Oswalt, Gabe Sims, Aleecia Blasdell, Scott Boyer, Rikki Pandori, Lameishia Moore, Billie Stanger, Victor Rodriguez, Trey Canaday, Trea Ingle, Deontye Lewis and Michelle McCrady all participated in the activity.