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School Start Times for 2014-2015 Chosen

The Davenport Community Schools Board of Directors has chosen to adopt  a modified version of Option CC, one of the nine options proposed earlier this month. Option CC was modified to allow for earlier school start and dismissal times across all grade levels.

Clicking on Modified Option CC will allow you to view the complete list of school start and dismissal times. This option was considered a good compromise as it addressed the following concerns:

  • Equalizes instructional time for our schools, some of which were falling as much as 72 hours below the required 1,080 hours of instructional time .
  • Moves the high school start times 25 minutes later in keeping with significant research showing the benefits of a later start time for high school students. Sleep deprivation in teens has been shown to impair their abilities to solve problems and retain information.
  • Elementary students will have the earliest start time allowing parents to see their youngest students safely to school and also offering the support of older siblings who have later start times.
  • This option generally keeps start times similar across various grade levels.

Thank you to all who participated in this process. We are aware that change is always difficult and there is no one solution that will meet everyone’s needs. However, the transparency of this process allows us to examine the issues together and look for solutions whenever possible.