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D.C. Leadership Team Creates “Holiday Dinner Boxes” for Central Families in Need

Last year the Davenport Central Leadership Team found that many Central families did not have the resources to provide holiday meals for their families. During the two week winter break each year, this issue is magnified for some families. When presented with this information, the team quickly put together a plan to create holiday dinner boxes for Central families in need. Each box contained items necessary to provide a nice holiday meal for a family of 6 or more, including extra items for breakfast. All items are non-perishable so that the families would be free to use the food at their convenience.

Last year, the Leadership Team collected and distributed 65 boxes. This year’s goal was to go beyond that and create 75 boxes. After some last minute donations, the Davenport Central Leadership Team Executive Council is excited to announce that they’ve collected enough to put together 80 boxes! Congratulations to the team on such a huge accomplishment and thank you for giving so much back to Central families.