1606 Brady St.
Davenport, IA

The 2013 Student Showcase for DCS Ambassadors

On Tuesday November 5th, Davenport Community Schools held a special “Student Showcase” celebration for our ambassadors corps – proud parents, alumni, employees, community partners, and all others who have pledged to take part of their day helping to spread the good news about our district. The event was held at the River Music Experience, and student groups from our elementary, intermediate, and high schools were featured in programming throughout the night.

Ambassadors enjoyed a wide variety of activities, performances, and presentations. Students set up informational tables, where guests could learn about science and environmental clubs, try their hand at operating one of West High’s award-winning robots, and even enjoy a student welding demonstration. Throughout the night, live music filled the air as a variety of students performed in both small groups and solo acts. Guests were also treated to the amazing culinary offerings of our award-winning ProStart students. It was a packed house FILLED with exciting things going on.

A formal stage program was the main highlight of the event. From 7:00-8:00pm in the Redstone Room, Dr. Tate and Executive Directors Rob Scott and Bill Schneden introduced individual students, academic groups, athletic teams, and recent alumni to the stage. A multi-media feature highlighted each student or group, and all were praised for their hard work and tremendous successes at Davenport Community Schools. Thematic highlights included student leadership and civic engagement; students serving the community; environmental stewardship; the opportunities in and successes of our S.T.E.M., music, theatre, and arts programming; and athletic accomplishments.

Please enjoy the following slideshow from this amazing night. If you are interested in becoming a Davenport Community Schools Ambassador, please contact Samantha Solverson at 336-5018. And… Stay tuned for some video footage of the event!